Girlfriends 8.29.2017

My intention was to blog  about my creative journey. To bring you along as I grow and change as an artist.  Instead, I have allowed four months to go by without a peep. What the heck have I been doing? I have gone to a workshop, done a session for spectrum inspired, a couples session , an intimate session, and joined the unraveled school.  I have also been practicing a bunch on my family and will cherish those images forever.  Although I have a lot to say about all of that, today I want to mostly talk about my past weekend in Flagstaff.  

I had the opportunity to assist Coleen Hodges and her assistant Jen with their mini-sessions in Flagstaff.  They are raising money for Spectrum Inspired and their trip to Ireland on behalf of the nonprofit in a couple of weeks.  I haven't been away by myself for a long time.  This little trip allowed me to catch my breath. 

I have a handful of women who know everything there is to know about me and love me anyway.  Girlfriends like this hold you up when your legs have lost all their strength. When your heart has been broken in a million pieces, they help you search through the couch cushions and your nasty car to find every last piece so you can be whole again one day.   That is what this weekend was.  I let go of expectations and allowed myself to just document us, as a creative.  We laughed, cried, ate a wonderful meal, did work, and maybe found a couple of those missing pieces I have been looking for

So this post is me. Where I am now, as a creative, with some of my favorite people.