Phoenix, AZ | A workshop and making decisions

I attended a workshop hosted by my friend Co Hodges. Actually, I was the food gopher. But still, I was there. We talked about making goals. As easy as that sounds…. this was really difficult for me. Trying to work a full time job as a nurse and raise my family has left me physically, emotionally, and creatively exhausted. I really didn’t know if i wanted to do this anymore.

So, after being at the workshop, my conclusion was to add more to my plate:

Update my website.

Start including video to those who want it.

Increase my prices.

Wish me luck.

Laveen,AZ | The Haskell Family

This family planned their session at home for a couple of reasons. They wanted to celebrate their baby being who he is at 8 months and they wanted to remember the house they started their family in. In a month this family will leave this house and make another a home multiple states away. It is such an exciting time for them and I am so lucky to have been picked to document it

Surprise, AZ| Newborn Lifestyle Session | Welcome Home Elizabeth

There are times in our lives that things just don't go as planned. I'm convinced its God's way of telling us we are not in control, he is. It forces us to "lean not on our own understanding" to find peace. 

Elizabeth was 5 weeks early. Her mom didn't really want to be pregnant in August, in Arizona, but she really wanted a healthy baby. Guess what..... She got both. 

Elizabeth is the 4th girl for this family. She is doted on like no baby I have ever seen before. It was such a blessing to witness their love.

Henderson, NV | Amanda

This is my niece.  She was my original muse. When I started taking her picture she was in elementary school. She is now a college graduate and living her best life. World travel and all that fun stuff. Ahhhh to be 20 and beautiful. I almost don't remember what that was like, almost. 

Shea Hospital | Scottsdale, AZ | Welcome Quinn

I am lucky enough to work with some wonderful  people.  It is honestly one of the only reasons I stay sane as an ED RN.  Analeta and her partner in life, Raul, are two of those people. 

Analeta wasn't sure having a pregnancy of her own was in her cards. When we found out she was expecting Quinn we were beyond excited. We often don't talk about that.... The struggle of getting pregnant and the anxiety that can follow when it actually happens. Wondering if it's too good to be true.  To be able to witness this miracle was beautiful. 

I felt so lucky to be there for her fresh 48.  Seeing the way motherhood made her glow was pure magic. 

Litchfield Park, AZ | The Christie Family

The Christie Family

Photographing beginnings are special. Having this moment captured is so important. To be able to look back at the way things were when you started, is pure magic for your soul. This family allowed me to capture them bringing new life into this world. This  time, one year later, a new home!!

Home - Easter 2018

I went home for a few days. I didn't want to leave.

My heart and mind are filled with the images and sounds of my children playing with their cousins. I photographed my uncle and my grandmother whose health has been failing them over the last few years. I Spent time with childhood friends and catching up with my nephews.