Phoenix, AZ | A workshop and making decisions

I attended a workshop hosted by my friend Co Hodges. Actually, I was the food gopher. But still, I was there. We talked about making goals. As easy as that sounds…. this was really difficult for me. Trying to work a full time job as a nurse and raise my family has left me physically, emotionally, and creatively exhausted. I really didn’t know if i wanted to do this anymore.

So, after being at the workshop, my conclusion was to add more to my plate:

Update my website.

Start including video to those who want it.

Increase my prices.

Wish me luck.

Surprise, AZ| Newborn Lifestyle Session | Welcome Home Elizabeth

There are times in our lives that things just don't go as planned. I'm convinced its God's way of telling us we are not in control, he is. It forces us to "lean not on our own understanding" to find peace. 

Elizabeth was 5 weeks early. Her mom didn't really want to be pregnant in August, in Arizona, but she really wanted a healthy baby. Guess what..... She got both. 

Elizabeth is the 4th girl for this family. She is doted on like no baby I have ever seen before. It was such a blessing to witness their love.