Booking Your Session

What does a session include?

You can send me an email at to get a time and date set up.  A session will generally run between 1 to 2 hours.  I will come to your house for a lifestyle session (my favorite) or we can plan to meet at a location. If this location involves travel outside the phoenix area there will be added cost depending on what accommodations are needed. I live in Surprise, AZ. So the west side is my jam.  $300 covers the session and a minimum of 50 edited images delivered digitally.   Up to 6 people are included in the session fee.  Any additional people are $20 per person.  I do not typically photograph large events.  My  goal is to capture your family connecting with one another on a personal level.  

What should you wear?

First of all, be comfortable.   Wear clothes that fit and that are weather appropriate.  You want to be able to move freely and have a good time.  Second, consider the type of session you have requested and dress the part.  Hopefully you will want to display your photos forever, so wear something you won't be embarrassed to be seen in the future. Coordinate but don't match.  Avoid large logos or words on your clothing,   Your clothing should help unify your beautiful family as a group but not be the central focus.

This family nailed the coordination game

This family nailed the coordination game

You and Your kids (and husband)

A photo session should not be dreaded or stressful.  We will have all the details ironed out ahead of time so the day of your photo session you will just need to show up or open the door to your home and be you. Make sure no one is hangry.  Whatever you have to do to relax, do that.  If we are having a lifestyle session in your home here is what you can expect:  Jumping on your bed,  standing on your furniture, running around from room to room and lots of playing - and that's just me.  LET THEM BE LITTLE.  If you want pictures of your kids (and husband)  being grumpy or crying, tell them to sit there and say CHEESE. Instead of telling your kids to smile, make them smile by interacting with them.  Tickle them.  Play with them.  Enjoy them, and let me take pictures of THAT!