My 52 Week 2| Unseen / by Laura Gentry

She is there. She has always been there. You just didn't see her.


Facebook feels like cheating. You don't actually have to invest in a relationship to know what others are up to. It used to be that you would have to keep up with people to know their business. It seems so impersonal. The blanket invites, the likes, the block that confirms the end of a friendship. The reminder telling you that you have been friends for a year, although you have been friends for 20 in real life.  The feeling you get when you see that 52 people have seen your post, but only 3 like it.  All of it just feels like a lie. 

When I took this picture and saw that you could only see this beautiful person if you really took the time to see it, I had to post it.  How much goes unseen because people just scroll? How much do we miss in life because we don't take the time to absorb a moment? How many people feel unseen? 

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