My 52 week 1 / by Laura Gentry

My word for the year | Clarity

My initial intention of this blog was to take you with me along this photography journey I have been on. Building my business and this rollercoaster ride called success. Truth is. I haven't really felt like sharing. I don't know how transparent you can be and still be credible with clients. You know the clichés .... "don't mix business" and "pleasure and it's not personal, it's business." I don't know how to do this job without making it personal. When people don't choose me, it's personal. When people don't understand my work, it's personal. When people politely pass when I offer them a free session, it's personal. When clients do or don't respond to their session, it's personal. When people notice and respond to  my work, it's personal. 

This will be my second year participating in my dear friend Co's P52 challenge. I have decided to share with you my interpretations of her prompts. 

The first week was for us to choose a word that we were going to focus on this year. I chose CLARITY. 

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